Injury Sustained: Anxiety and depression

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

´When I first started using the Arc in early October I was highly anxious. My history is one of being a bit anal with my behaviour and a couple of bouts of depression in the early 2000´s. I was bossy an always wanted to be right (at least that was something my husband and I always agreed upon that we were the one who was always right!).

Since using the Arc I gradually, after the first week, became a lot less demanding, able to let unimportant issues go and have generally become nicer to live with. My husband had noticed this in me and I had noticed this in him too as he was also using the Arc pre-op for cataract surgery. It isn´t that we no longer disagree but we are much more congenial about it.

My daughter had noticed that during our visit that I was not always up and doing something all the time. This change in me of being more laid back will likely mean some adjustment as the month´s progress. I no longer have a feeling in my abdomen of a steel band over my diaphragm and a twisted rag in my belly. I am more relaxed, just as organised and confident without the painful guy feeling - thanks to the Arc.´

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