Using Arc4Health

Arm Strap.jpg

The Arc4Health delivery unit is light, portable and simple to use. No specialist training is required Simply attach the delivery unit to the arm strap and select from the pre-programmed Treatment Options using the two buttons. Once activated, place the arm strap on the upper arm, as shown in the picture opposite.

- Do not strap to an injured arm
- Do not over tighten

Download the Arc4Health User Manual

The Arc4Health utilises two different sequences of electrical currents, both delivered in two slightly different ways (i.e. a total of four Treatment Options). Two of the programmes facilitate and accelerate tissue repair, enabling restoration, often in a fraction of the normal time (REPAIR). The other two programmes were originally designed to rapidly eliminate swelling, bruising and inflammation, which they do (TRAUMA). Over many years of anecdotal use we have found that these two programmes are far more versatile and far more important than ever expected.

Arc4Health's four pre-programmed Treatment Options are designed to address different problems, or to form the different stages of a progressive treatment for a given injury or disease.

All Treatment Options last a total of 3 hours.