Case Studies

Shoulder Injury

Injury: * NEW TESTIMONIAL * Chronic Shoulder & Neck Ailment

User's Age:

Was very helpful on a mare with a tendon injury and also purchased the human one which has helped with a chronic shoulder and neck...

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Injury: Broken humerus

User's Age: 63 years old
Sex: Female

´I am a 63 year old lady and I have ridden and been involved with horses from childhood. I have rarely fallen off and certainly never broken any part of...

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Injury: Rotator cuff tear and compromised spinal discs (C4-C7)

User's Age: 53 years old
Sex: Female

A 53-year-old female had a scan of her shoulder that showed a tear on the rotator cuff and impingement of shoulder bursar, as well as compromised spinal discs C4-C7 (also...

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