Case Studies


Injury: * NEW TESTIMONIAL * Back Pain

User's Age:

I bought the arc to help with back pain - prolapsed disc impinging in sciatic nerve. Within a week the pain was significantly reduced and my movement had improved. I use...

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Injury: Chronic pain, , sciatica, migraines and arthritis

User's Age: 41
Sex: Female

Details of condition/injury sustained - ´Migraines, long term chronic pain including arthritis (knees, hips and ankles) and sciatica in both legs.

´Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following significant trauma caused by...

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Injury: Lower back injury & sciatica

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

´I initially suffered a back injury in 2008 after a heavy fall in training. After physiotherapy had no impact on the pain and mobility, I had an MRI scan and...

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Injury: Sciatica and slipped disc

User's Age: 41 years old
Sex: Male

A 41 year old male had a slipped disc, and was told that recovery time would be 4-6 weeks with rest. He used the Arc daily, with no other therapies...

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