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What Our Customers Say

Plantar fasciitis

Injury: Plantar Fasciitis

User's Age:
Sex: Female

Emmah Says,

"I was fit and active but suddenly totally unable to stand for long periods of time, dog walks and commuting became a huge hurdle due to Plantar Fasciitis....

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Injury: Plantar fasciitis and chronic knee pain

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

Helen says,

"I have noticed a huge improvement with myself and all of my aliments. After the first few days I could put my foot to the floor (long term...

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Injury: Ripped cartlidge in knee, osteo arthritis in back and hip, plantar fasciitis

User's Age: 47

Louise says,

"After the steroid injection wore off , I was back to limping very badly , aggravating my osteo arthritis in my back, hip and also aggravating my plantar fasciitis!

The Arc...

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