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What Our Customers Say

Injury: Severe bruising of the ribs, lower back and legs

User's Age: 32 years old
Sex: Female

Background: A 32 years old female with severe bruising of the ribs, lower back and legs. X-rays showed no breaks, only treatment option was to rest for as long as...

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Injury: Severed artery, tendon and nerves in wrist

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Male

Background: ´My Dad severed the artery, tendon and nerves in his wrist and lost the feeling in his two smallest fingers. He was given a prognosis of 6 weeks before...

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Injury: Sliced finger to the bone

User's Age: 23
Sex: Male

Details of injury sustained and date

21st October – sliced finger whilst helping a horse who had got cast in his stable, a hoof with a shoe...

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Injury: Sprained Ankle

User's Age:

Used it on my dog and myself, especially when I sprained my ankle which was extremely painful- worked wonders! No pain and took down the...

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Injury: Strains

User's Age: 58
Sex: Female

My job was Yard owner/worker which entailed all the riding , yard duties. I am 58 and had a lot of injuries/accidents along the way inc breaks, muscle, ligament...

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