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Injury Sustained: Sciatica and slipped disc

User's Age: 41 years old
Sex: Male

A 41 year old male had a slipped disc, and was told that recovery time would be 4-6 weeks with rest. He used the Arc daily, with no other therapies used:

"My work and life stopped me from resting during the first few weeks, so 4 months on and I was still suffering from immense pain and sciatica from my lower back. I had been having deep tissue massage to relive symptoms, but this was always temporary and at best took the edge off.

My employer offered me the use of her Arc and within a week I was able to sleep through the night and the sciatica symptoms has greatly reduced. I only had access during the weekdays, so by Monday mornings I was very keen to be able to use the Arc again, and had been convinced of its abilities to reduce inflammation/pain.

I have since purchased my own unit and have also seen great improvement in my horse - I wouldn"t be without one. I recommend the Arc to everyone who listens, and know friends who have gone on to buy their own."

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