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Injury Sustained: Migraines and anxiety

User's Age: 17 years old
Sex: Male

"My son, now aged 17, was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines in 2008 following being admitted to hospital. When he had this first attack his symptoms were similar to those of a stroke. He lost his speech, was sick, lost his co-ordination and had weakness down one side. Following a CT scan and admission for observation he was given a diagnosis, and then he continued to be monitored by a consultant. He was very dependent on medication at the onset of a migraine. If the medication wasn"t taken swiftly, the migraine would take hold and he would have to go to A&E. he was getting migraines once to twice a month at this stage.

"He is also diagnosed with Asperger"s and generalised anxiety disorder. Over time we came to realise that the migraines were being triggered by anxiety/adrenaline. This especially came to light when he took his GCSE"s. He had several attacks during his exams and had to have medication daily.

"His anxiety continued to rise following his exams and he was getting weekly migraines. In addition because his adrenaline levels were so high he was unable to take part in any spots as any rise in his adrenaline was instantly triggering attacks. At this stage it was having a massive impact on his life. He had to take time off school, which was having an impact on his education as he had just started his A Level studies.

"We decided to trial microcurrent therapy at this stage, as we were reluctant for him to take long-term medication but felt we were running out of options. He started the therapy at the end of November. Within a few days of starting Arc he was feeling much calmer and his anxiety was reduced. He was also sleeping better. The following week he had mock A Level exams. After the first exam he started to experience symptoms of an attack. He quickly put on his Arc and took his medication. He then went back in and sat his 2nd exam. This was amazing, as normally an attack would mean he had to leave school and go to bed to recover. He would also feel drowsy and lethargic the following day. He continued with the Arc and was able to continue with all of his exams that week.

"After 4 weeks he started to take part in sports again, for short periods at first and then gradually increasing. Since starting the Arc he is generally calmer, he is thinking more clearly and he hasn"t had a migraine since the end of November (the longest he has ever gone without an attack). He is now taking part in sports several times a week, which has had a really positive effect on his general fitness level.

"We cannot begin to explain the massive impact this has had on our whole family. Our son has suffered with anxiety since the age of 8, and the hemiplegic migraines since the age of 10."

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