Injury Sustained: Arthritis

User's Age: 64
Sex: Female

I am a 64 year old woman, generally pretty active and healthy but I had gradually started to develop some arthritis in my fingers. In Autumn 2014, it started to get really painful, with swollen, red joints and was starting to wake me during the night, so I went to the GP who organised some X-Rays and blood tests. 

Because it was symmetrical affecting predominantly my middle and little fingers on both hands, I was worried it might be Rheumatoid Arthritis, but the blood tests came back negative and the X-Rays (as I remember it) showed non-specific arthritic changes, compatible with Osteoarthritis or Gout. Clinically it didn’t seem like Gout, so the GP concluded it was Osteoarthritis and recommended taking regular anti-inflammatory pain-killers such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen.  I wasn’t keen on taking pain killers regularly for an indefinite period, and potentially the rest of my life.

I had heard about the Arc4Health (at that time called ArcEquine) and decided to buy one and try it, on the principle that it might help (although I was pretty sceptical) and was unlikely to do any harm. It arrived next day and I started to use it. Within a couple of weeks, I was no longer being woken at night by pain and by the end of 6 weeks or so I was pain free and could make a fist, getting all my fingers fully bent in on my right hand and all but my middle finger on my left hand. The Arc was set up to run for 6 hours at a time and I have continued to use it for a couple of days a month as a ‘top-up’ - but a bit intermittently, and have had no further problems with the arthritis in my fingers.

I used a full programme again in summer 2015, when I went back to work for a year and started wearing smart shoes, sometimes with a small heel, and developed painful bunionettes  (bunions on my little toe side).  I completely stopped wearing shoes with any heel at all and used the Arc4Health and again within a few weeks the pain and redness had gone and hasn’t recurred – but I continue to avoid wearing shoes with heels!

I was so impressed with the Arc4Health, that I have been working with the Arc-Family to help them to get proper Randomised Control Trials set up in the NHS, ever since they got it certified as a Class II Medical Device in Spring 2016.

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