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Arc4Health - please click on the questions below
Arc4Health - please click on the questions below>

Arc4Health - please click on the questions below


Do I need to consult my doctor before using it?

Microcurrent therapy is an entirely non-invasive and drug-free treatment. This means that you do not need to consult a doctor before using Arc4Health. This being said, if you have any reservations or concerns about using this product then we would encourage you to speak with your doctor before purchasing - even if this is just for peace of mind.

How quickly should I see an improvement in my condition?

How quickly you respond to microcurrent therapy is a true unknown and is likely to be heavily influenced by variables such as age, severity of condition or disease and previous health status. What individuals typically experience is a notable improvement in condition within the first 6-8 weeks, with many users experiencing improvements in a shorter period. If and when you feel happy that your symptoms have either disappeared or you are successfully managing them, then we would recommend reverting to a maintenance regime.

How will I know it’s having an effect on me?

Unlike a drug that when taken, you know is working for a particular ailment, microcurrent therapy is less controllable. As it works systemically it appears to be used where the body requires it most. We regularly receive feedback from users telling us that they have had notably unexpected results and that it has also treated something entirely unrelated to the condition for which the Arc4Health was purchased.

If there are bad cells, will microcurrent therapy cause them to spread or generate?

Microcurrent therapy very much appears to have a positive effect on the immune system. It is the immune system that regulates these “good” and “bad” cells. From our anecdotal experience we have noted on multiple occasions that these “bad” cells and tissues have actually regressed.

Is Arc4Health safe to use?

The Arc4Health is entirely safe to use. It has undergone significant, independent safety testing in order for the Arc4Health to have been certified as a Class IIa Medical Device. It has been used by many hundreds of users without incidence, and the safety of microcurrent therapy has been confirmed and stated in several publications, where no negative side effects were noted.

Is microcurrent therapy addictive?

Microcurrent therapy is an entirely drug-free treatment modality and as such cannot elicit the addiction type symptoms so commonly associated with chemical based medication.

My doctor has never heard of microcurrent therapy, should I be using Arc4Health?

Do not worry, not many doctors have, although the technology itself has been known about for over 100 years. One of the problems is that the term “Microcurrent Technology”, which is what we use, is a generic name and includes other descriptors such as “Cranial Electrical Stimulation” (CES), “Microcurrent Electrical Therapy” (MET), and others. Searching for research is therefore quite difficult without knowledge of all of the terms used to describe it. There is increasingly more published literature on the efficacy of microcurrent therapy as a treatment modality. We have the abstracts of many peer-reviewed publications, which you are welcome to read to explore the subject more deeply. Please note we are in no way associated with any of these publications or their authors, but they should provide you greater insight into microcurrent therapy. This we hope will enable you to come to a more informed decision. This information could of course be relayed to your doctor or alternatively you could research the clinical benefits of using microcurrent therapy.

What evidence is there that this technology works?

There are many peer-reviewed publications that have extensively researched the efficacy of microcurrent therapy as a treatment modality. This clinical data supports the fact that it works. There is also countless anecdotal evidence showcasing the success that other users have gained from using microcurrent therapy. Please see our case studies for more detailed case-by-case reports.

What happens if I notice an increase in symptoms?

An increase in symptoms, especially within the first few days to weeks is surprisingly common amongst users, especially when this relates to use for neuropathic pain. These occasions have always been short lived, and a precursor to improvement. This has typically set the scene for a progressive treatment and recovery.

What sort of problems has Arc4Health helped with?

Microcurrent therapy has been used for a variety of diseases and injuries. It is commonly used to remedy tissue and joint pain. There is clinical evidence to indicate its success with sports injuries, chronic leg ulcers, knee and back pain. Arc4Health is marketed for use specifically in two areas; pain and tissue repair. The Arc4Health has been used to treat and manage a wide variety of conditions. It has been used successfully for arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, back, joint and muscular pain. Also, anecdotally, for many other conditions. Check out our case studies!

Will my insurance policy cover the purchase of an Arc4Health?

This is a question that must be asked of your insurance providers. In reality, this is likely to be dependent on the level of cover you opted for when taking out your policy.


Can I wash the arm strap?

The arm strap contains electrical components and therefore we do not recommend submerging it in water. To keep the arm strap looking its best you may gently wipe them with a clean, damp cloth.

Does it have to be attached to the injured part of the body?

In short the answer is no. Microcurrent therapy is a treatment modality that from our experience works systemically. For ease of use however, the arm strap provided can be attached to the upper arm or lower leg, whichever is the most comfortable and practical for the user.

Does the Arc4Health require charging when it arrives?

Yes, please fully charge before use.

How do you know that these electrical sequences are the best?

The sequences of currents used within Arc4Health have resulted from years of development and refinements into which sequences facilitate the greatest effect. This is very much an ongoing process, which will evolve as we continue to develop and research the application of Arc4Health.

How frequently do I need to recharge the Arc4Health?

A full charge will enable approximately ten 3 hour delivery treatments. The unit can be charged at any time during this period.

How long do the arm straps last for?

This is very much dependent on the level of use and the care given, but we would expect them to last for up to 6 months of delivery treatments. The arm straps are considered a consumable product that will need replacing from time to time and are priced accordingly. You can purchase replacement arm straps directly from our online shop.

How long do the sticky electrode pads last for?

This is very much dependent on the level of use and the amount of care given when attaching and removing from them from the skin. Cleanliness and the continued maintenance of “stickiness”, can be greatly helped by returning them to the sheet of clear plastic to which they are attached when delivered, after each use. With daily use they can remain effective for up to 6 weeks. The sticky electrode pads are considered a consumable product that will need replacing from time to time and are priced accordingly. You can purchase replacement sticky electrode pads directly from our online shop.

How long does the Arc4Health take to charge?

A full charge takes about 4hrs. We recommend to only charge the Arc4Health delivery unit with the charger supplied.

How many sessions should I get out of the Arc4Health before it needs re-charging?

All treatment options are 3 hours in duration and it is expected that a fully charged battery will be capable of delivering up to ten 3 hour treatments. Please note that batteries can naturally discharge if not regularly used. If you use the Arc4Health intermittently you are encouraged to fully charge it before use.

I thought the treatment programmes were 7 hours in duration, but now they’re 3 hours - why is this?

It was (and still is) considered that the more frequently you use microcurrent therapy the quicker you will start benefitting from it. The treatment was changed from 7hrs to 3hrs predominantly for the sake of convenience. If you have time for more than the standard 3hrs treatment, simply switch the delivery unit back on, select the desired treatment option and activate another 3 hour delivery treatment.

Is the Arc4Health waterproof?

The Arc4Health is not waterproof. The Arc4Health is an electrical product that contains delicate circuit boards and as such should be actively kept away from water or damp conditions.

What do the different Treatment Options indicated by the LEDs do?

The Arc4Health uses two different sequences of electrical current, both delivered in two slightly different ways, which accounts for the 4 Treatment Options. These Treatment Options are indicated by the 4 LEDs at the top of the Delivery Unit. The first sequence (Treatment Options 1 and 2) is designed and intended to disperse pain. This should be used for all initial trauma. The second sequence (Treatment Options 3 and 4) is designed to kick-start and accelerate tissue repair, enabling rapid closure to tissue with little (and often no) scar tissue.


Are there any contraindications to its use, like drug interactions?

Microcurrent therapy is entirely drug-free and as such there should be no interaction with any pre-existing medication you may be using. If you have any reservations please consult your doctor or the medication manufacturers before purchasing.

Can alternative therapies be used in conjunction with the Arc4Health?

Absolutely, the Arc4Health can be used alongside alternative therapies. The one exception to this might be magnetic therapy as this could interfere with the delicate electronics - use alongside magnetic therapy is entirely at the individual’s discretion. Please bear in mind though that if you are using a number of different therapies then it may be difficult to establish which you are benefitting most from.

Can Arc4Health be used alongside regular medical treatment?

We would always encourage you to use Arc4Health alongside regular treatment - it should not though be thought of as a “replacement”. In our experience, regular use of microcurrent therapy can result in the elective reduction of regular medications. Please always consult with your doctor for any matters relating to your health.

Can Arc4Health be used following an ablation?

Yes, provided that there is no pacemaker or other implantable device fitted. This being said, if you have any reservations or concerns about using this product then we would encourage you to speak with your doctor before purchasing - even if this is just for peace of mind.

Can Arc4Health be used safely during pregnancy?

Until we have researched fully the application of Arc4Health during pregnancy, we recommend that it is not used by pregnant women.

Can Arc4Health be used safely on anyone suffering with epilepsy or seizures?

Until we have researched fully the application of Arc4Health on individuals who suffer with epilepsy or seizures, we recommend that it is not used by these individuals.

Can Arc4Health be used safely on children?

Until we have researched fully the application of Arc4Health on children, we recommend that it is not used on children.

Can Arc4Health be used safely on people with pacemakers/implants?

Until we have researched fully the application of Arc4Health on individuals with pacemakers or electrical implants, we recommend that it is not used by these individuals.

Can Arc4Health be used whilst driving?

Yes, provided that the positioning of the Delivery Unit in no way interferes with the actual driving and steering of the vehicle. Wearing the Arc4Health whilst driving is entirely at the individual’s discretion.

Can Arc4Health be used whilst flying?

Yes, provided that written permission has been obtained from the airline to have the Arc4Health in the cabin. Other than in exceptional circumstances we recommend that the complete unit is placed in the hold luggage.

Can I use it overnight?

Arc4Health can be used at any time during the day or night. It is entirely your decision. Please use it however best suits your lifestyle. Many people use it during the day, whilst at work, at the gym or whilst doing their shopping - it has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Alternatively, it can just as easily be used before you go to bed and whilst you are asleep.

I have an undiagnosed condition, could I still use an Arc4Health?

Absolutely - we have found that using microcurrent therapy can be used safely for undiagnosed conditions and can also be of great benefit when used preventatively.

If Arc4Health is as good as people say, can it be used instead of regular medical treatment?

We would never suggest using Arc4Health to replace regular medical treatment. From experience however, many users have reported a gradual reduction in regular medication, including some who have previously been unable to completely come off medication. We suggest that this should only be undertaken under the full guidance and directions of your doctor.

If I miss a day, does it matter? Would I have to start the whole 6 week programme again.

Absolutely not! Missing a day or two every now and again is not going to make any conceivable difference to the ongoing treatment. That being said, to ensure maximum benefits from using the Arc4Health, we encourage you to use is consistently. Not using it regularly may delay you benefitting from it fully.

Is there any benefit to using it even if I am fit and well?

From our experience using Arc4Health prophylactically can be great for maintaining body condition and reducing inevitable micro tears and injuries.

Once I have finished the 6 week programme, what happens? Would I only use it when I have another problem?

The 6 week programme is a “standard” programme that it is recommended all first-time users complete. After this important 6-week program and depending on the severity of the disease or condition, it might be appropriate to revert back to one of the specific options. Alternatively, providing you are happy that the Arc4Health has remedied the issues for which it was being used, we would recommend that you revert to a maintenance programme. For this we recommend you use treatment option 1 for one day and treatment option 3 for one day every month or another, similar, regular routine to suit you and your needs, provided that the intervals are no more than 4 weeks.

Once I start using Arc4Health does it mean that I have to use it forever?

The Arc4Health can be used as frequently as required. We would expect, and recommend, that once the reason for using the Arc4Health has cleared up or has been managed, that you could then revert to a maintenance programme. Our recommended maintenance programme is treatment option 1 for one day and treatment option 3 for one day per month.

Should I only use an Arc4Health for a diagnosed condition or an associated flare up?

No - we have found that using microcurrent therapy prophylactically is of great benefit.

What should I do if I miss a few delivery treatments?

Firstly, no need to worry. Missing one or two treatments will make little noticeable difference to your long-term treatment, however the more regularly you can use it the quicker we would expect you to experience an improvement.


Can I purchase individual Arc4Health delivery units?

At the present time, no, individual Arc4Health delivery units cannot be purchased. This may change at a later date so please contact the office directly to ascertain whether or not this is still the case.

Do you run demonstration evenings?

Demonstration evenings are regularly run throughout the UK and will be advertised on both our website and across our social media platforms once organised. Can’t wait for a demo evening? If you are able to assemble 30+ interested people then we would be happy to attend a demonstration evening close to you, whether that be in a community centre, village hall, etc.

How do I become an Arc Agent?

We are always receptive to hearing from prospective Arc Agents. We do, however, insist that all Arc Agents have a working knowledge of the Arc4Health and that they are comfortable speaking with potential purchasers. If you would like to enquire about becoming an Arc Agent please contact us on Tel: +44 (0)1580 755504 or Email:

How do I register my Arc4Health?

You do not need to register your new Arc4Health. Your Arc4Health will automatically be registered from the date of purchase and is covered for 2 years in line with standard government legislations. This also applies for rental and staged payment options.

Is the Arc4Health available through the NHS?

The Arc4Health is not currently available through the NHS, but this is a route that we would like to progress in the fullness of time.


How long will it take for my Arc4Health to arrive?

Providing the Arc4Health is purchased before 2pm then a full kit is dispatched as priority delivery within the UK. This ensures that delivery is made within one to two business days. A choice of delivery options is provided on all consumable items, depending on the degree of urgency. All deliveries outside of the UK will take longer, depending on location.


Can I use ultrasound gel?

Ultrasound gel is different in composition to conductive gel and it is therefore our recommendation that you use the gel provided in your kit only. Using a different gel also negates the warranty on your Arc4Health delivery unit. We formulated the conductive gel to be propylene glycol free. It also has no perfumes or colourants. We have priced this gel as competitively as is possible and, given its additional features, we believe this gel to be quite superior to others.

Do I have to use gel?

When using the sticky pads supplied with your full Arc4Health kit no gel is needed. However, if you choose to use the carbon rubber pads (also supplied in the full kit) we recommend you use a very small amount of gel to establish a good electrical connection. Unlike many medical grade conductive gels, the Arc4Health gel is free of perfumes and chemical additives such as propylene glycol, which can cause skin hyper-sensitisation in some people.

How much gel do you recommend using?

A proper connection between the electrodes and the skin is imperative and to this end, when using the carbon rubber pads, a very small amount of gel should be used to establish a solid electrical connection. If you are using the sticky pads then no gel is needed.

I have very sensitive skin and I am worried that I will react to the pads?

Your Arc4Health kit will be supplied with both carbon rubber pads and a pack of 4 sticky pads. It is your preference as to which pads you use. When using the carbon rubber pads however we suggest you use a very small amount of the conductive, hypo-allergenic gel (also included). Unlike most regular medical grade conductive gels, our gel contains no perfume, colourants or potentially irritating chemicals like propylene glycol. Since it’s availability we have had no reports of adverse reactions. This gel can also be subsequently purchased from our website as and when you run out!

Is the conductive gel hypoallergenic?

Yes! Unlike most regular medical grade conductive gels, our gel contains no perfumes or potentially irritating chemicals like propylene glycol. Good news – bottles of gel can be purchased from our website if you run out!


I think my unit is faulty/not working correctly, what should I do?

Just follow these three simple steps: 1. Please consult your User Manual. This would have been provided in your full kit at the time of purchase. Alternative, you can find the User Manual on our website. 2. Check out Trouble Shooting and the FAQ’s section of our website. 3. If you still have a query then please contact us directly and we would be happy to assist. Telephone +44 (0)1580 755504 Email: Chances are that if you have had difficulties in understanding or using the Arc4Health, then others have too. We always aim to provide first class service, regardless of whether you are thinking about purchasing or purchased several years ago. Let us know and we can make any necessary changes to hopefully be able to provide an even better user experience.

What are my options if the Arc4Health is accidentally broken and therefore it’s warranty negated?

We would be happy to have the Arc4Health returned to us so that we can clarify whether in fact the unit is broken. If so, we would recommend that you check with your home insurance as some policies may cover the cost/partial cost of a replacement.

The Arc Family

Any there any payment plans for Arc4Health & Arc4Sports?

Not currently. With the significant reduction in the cost we have no plans at the moment to offer any payment plans for these products, but this may change at some point in the future.

Can I use the Arc4Health or Arc4Sports on my dog?

No, the human units – Arc4Health and Arc4Sports were specifically designed for humans as Class IIa medical devices and are intended only for use on humans. They are not suitable for animals.

Can I use the Arc4Health or Arc4Sports on my horse?

The Arc4Health has been developed specifically for human use, has passed all regulatory approvals, and is classified as a Class 11a Medical Device. Although the Arc4Health and the ArcEquine units utilise the same two electrical currents, the sequencing is different. As horses are unable to let us know exactly what is wrong, the sequencing of the electrical currents within the ArcEquine is more complex in order to cater for all eventualities. Therefore using the Arc4Health on your horse may not be as beneficial or produce optimum results. The ArcEquine has been extensively used in the treatment of horses and has many years of experience and evidence behind it. It is a more complex unit, and is the only unit that we recommend for use on horses.

How do the units differ?

Arc4Health and Arc4Sports are sold into different market sectors, but both have the same regulatory approval (EC Certification) for human use. The ArcEquine unit is differentiated from the human units by its mixture of different sequences of microcurrents. In human units, the four treatment options each utilise a single sequence of microcurrent, which falls within previously researched parameters. This effectively means they are ‘less complex’ when compared with the ArcEquine.

How does the Arc4Health or Arc4Sports differ to cheaper microcurrent devices available on the market?

We cannot comment on the application and regulatory certification of other microcurrent devices on the market. The Arc4Health and Arc4Sports are very user friendly with just one unit attaching to an Arm Strap, which is worn around the upper arm, or if you prefer, around your lower leg. The technology is non-invasive and entirely drug free. In addition, it is portable, requires no clinical training and is fully rechargeable.

What does each current do in Arc4Health & Arc4Sports?

Treatment options 1 & 2 are the initial stages, supporting the reduction of swelling, bruising, inflammation and pain. Both options are delivered in slightly different ways. Treatment options 3 & 4 are intended to facilitate tissue repair and these are also delivered in slightly different ways.

Why are you asking me buy two units?

The Arc4Health and Arc4Sports are certified for human use. The animal and human variants are not interchangeable because of the rigorous processes that were undertaken and which were essential to certify the Arc4Health and Arc4Sports as Class IIa Medical Devices.

Why have you recently lowered the price of the Arc4Health and Arc4Sports?

Economies of scale have meant that because we are manufacturing the human units in much larger quantities, along with the fact that they require less complex configuration of the sequences of microcurrents delivered, we can cut a lot of our costs, which we are able to pass onto the customer.

Why is the ArcEquine unit more expensive?

The ArcEquine is a more complex unit, as the configuration of the sequences of microcurrent it delivers have been developed to take into account the majority of problems that horses may experience. It is also about economies of scale – the human unit will be manufactured on a much bigger scale, which cuts costs considerably, and we want to pass those savings onto our customers. Unfortunately this cannot apply to the equine unit, as the production costs will always be significantly greater.