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How It Works

Arc4Health is the smallest microcurrent device in the world. It is a wearable, completely drug free, non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system designed for use on people. The Arc4Health mimics the body's naturally occurring biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP within cells. ATP is the energy component of the cells and is responsible for the flow of nutrients.

When an injury or disease occurs it decreases the rate of ATP production. There is less energy to transport the nutrients and the flow slows dramatically. The cells do not have enough energy to kick-start the repair process. By introducing microcurrent into the body, ATP production has been found to increase by up to 500%, kick starting and accelerating the body's own recovery, allowing for the reduction of pain and inflammation, and healing to start earlier.

This well researched technology is non-invasive and does not need to be worn near the injury as the currents will always ‘go' where they need to go - it is working systemically. We suggest running through our initial 6 week protocol using the Arc4Health for a minimum of 3 hours a day. At the end of the 6 weeks please reassess and decide which programme would be most effective. Arc4Health is easy to use. No specialist training or clinical knowledge is required so users can administer Arc4Health's treatment themselves, although many of our users are professional therapists, sports people and medical professionals.

For further technical information, please click The Science.

Arc4Health Introduction Video